Our School

Austin Shotokan Karate Academy, established in March, 2008, is the only dojo in Austin, Texas to offer traditional Shotokan karate to ages 5 through adult in our 3 Austin area locations. 

Shotokan Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art with Okinawan roots. With over 6 million practitioners across 200 countries worldwide, Shotokan karate has the most widespread participation and global representation of all the karate styles. Shotokan is a complex fighting system which, while emphasizing striking and low stances, also incorporates throws, sweeps, and joint locks.

The heart of Austin Shotokan Karate Academy's program is our caring and supportive internationally accredited instructors. Our instructors are not just passionate about karate, they love teaching martial arts to others. Our students are never just another face, but vital members of our dojo community and karate family. Our curriculum emphasizes the physical, emotional, and mental training of each student at age, fitness, and skill appropriate levels. Our goal is to guide each student to their maximum potential in their karate journey. 

We strongly believe that belts should be earned, not bought. Because of this, Austin Shotokan Karate Academy does not have belt exam fees. Every one of our students progresses at their own pace, through hard-work, patience, perseverance, and personal growth to earn their next belt. Belt exams are offered only a few times a year, giving each student the opportunity to truly learn the techniques being taught while setting and achieving goals through their journey to the next belt. 

Austin Shotokan Karate Academy believes that karate is life long, life changing journey. It is a way of life. Karate is more than simply learning kihon (basics), kata (patterns), kumite (sparring), and practical self-defense. Our program helps our students develop a stronger body, stamina, endurance, and overall level of health. Additionally, through training, our students also develop confidence, discipline, respect, focus, leadership, camaraderie, a sense of satisfaction from hard-work, strength of character, and more that carries over into their lives beyond the dojo.

  • Traditional Japanese Karate
  • No Belt Exam Fees
  • No Contracts
  • Individualized Instruction